About Us
About Us
Who We are
Enclipse is a full service business and technology consulting company. With three primary practice areas, Enclipse provides clients with alternatives to best identify and address their unique needs. With experience and knowledge across technologies and industries, Enclipse consultants provide clients with the expertise needed to meet and exceed their business goals.
Enclipse continuously researches what it takes businesses to succeed. We provide a nurturing environment for our highly talented employees. We come up with ideas, concepts, innovations, and inventions that revolutionize your business.
We are committed to sharing what we learn with industry leaders around the world to help foster discussions for innovating business. Innovative thinking from our Research Center, lessons learned from past experiences, insights from our customers and partners - all contribute towards making us and our clients successful.
bullet Deliver high quality services to our clients in a consistent and cost-effective manner.
bullet Provide the best-place-to-work for our employees and consultants.
To be recognized as a leader in Information Technology and Consulting services.
MBE Certified
Enclipse is a certified MBE. This benefits our customers by helping them achieve their ever expanding diversity goals.
In order to maintain competitiveness in today's ever-changing business world, organizations must continually explore new and innovative ways of doing business. Being a trusted business advisor and systems integrator, Enclipse goes to great lengths to remain on the cutting edge of technology and business. We provide our clients with the unsurpassed level of service they expect and deserve, we have formed strategic alliances with leading technology partners. These alliances ensure we possess the resources and training necessary to deliver innovative solutions to our clients.
About Us
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